pocket-sized cross

Welcome! We are excited to have you join us here and get to know more about Cross The World and our ministry. This blog is intended to let you know what’s happening at CTW … where our crosses are going and how they’ve impacted people’s lives. If you’re not already familiar with us, we encourage you to visit our ‘Who We Are’ page which gives more information on how our ministry got its start. You’ll find our vision there, along with our goal for spreading God’s love, one cross at a time.

CTW has been alive for almost 2 years and, in that short time, the number of pocket-sized crosses we’ve given out is nearly 40,000. Initially, we handed them out to our church family at Easter and Christmas. Kids attending Vacation Bible School got them; Bible Study groups got them. They made their way into the hands of nursing home residents, as well as hospital patients. People who needed encouragement or reassurance that Jesus is real were given a cross. Military personnel serving on foreign lands received them in their monthly ‘from home’ packages, thanks to a local chapter of Blue Star Mothers. Parish nurses/chaplains/pastors shared them while visiting the home bound. Missionaries and friends traveling abroad shared them with the people they met. Last summer, we attended SonShine Festival, a Christian based experience in Willmar, MN where the attendees took ownership of the cross by assembling their own. With God steering our ship, the word quickly spread about our ministry and other churches and organizations started calling because they, too, wanted to partner with us in spreading God’s love.

We are so thankful for our Christian partners. It is truly joyful for us to meet someone, tell them about our ministry, and see the excitement in their hearts as they share experiences they have already had with our crosses or their plans on how they will share them with others. It’s amazing, isn’t it? Something so small can have such a big impact! Please visit our ‘Testimonial’ page to read about how others have been touched by our crosses.

We promise to keep you updated on a regular basis; there’s much going on at CTW and we love to share the news! But, keep in mind, this blog isn’t all about us … we want to hear from you too! If you have a special God story you want to share with us, we invite you to do so! Share where you have sent our crosses; share how you have used them in your church or personal lives; share any ideas you might have. We love feedback … and pictures! God does too!! So, again, welcome to our ministry. We encourage you to join us as we dance in His energy!

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