Which Are You?

Snowfall in Batumi

Snowfall in Batumi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anxious? Frustrated?

Ill-tempered? Grumpy?

Which are you?

I don’t know about you, but this has been one long winter for me. Just when I think the snow is going to go away and spring will be poppin’, there’s another snowstorm. Everyone I know is out of sorts. This weather is downright depressing!!  I’m growing increasingly impatient; how about you?

Last Thursday, as we sat in our family room watching what seemed to be yet another unending night of snow, I turned to my husband and said, ‘It’s really kind of pretty, isn’t it?’ After all, we didn’t have to go anywhere. We didn’t have to pull on our heavy winter coats, mittens and boots and trudge out in the wilderness to a van now buried under 8” of snow. We didn’t have to try to find our way out the driveway and onto the road. We didn’t have to keep our fingers crossed that, once on that road, we would be lucky enough to stay on it and out of the ditch. And, so yes, it was a pretty snowfall (even though my husband’s response wasn’t exactly in agreement!). I watched, mesmerized, as the flakes continued to dance their icy horizontal foxtrot outside and, in watching, became very relaxed, forgetting about how restless I was about the spring we were supposed to be having.

For me, today’s world is too insecure, too narcissistic. And, I think it’s moving way too fast for us to keep up. We’re impatient when we’re behind someone in the grocery checkout who is slower than we think they should be; we honk at drivers who aren’t going the speed or turning the corner as fast as we think they should be. We greet people with a ‘How are you?’ and then never wait to hear the answer. Just exactly where are we all going and why are we all rushing?

And, just exactly how much good is all this pent up anxiety doing us? Spring will come when it’s supposed to come. Maybe our enduring a seemingly never ending winter is a simple tap on the forehead from God. Just maybe this is His way of telling us to slow down and enjoy what He has created for us.  Soon our bird feeding station will be abuzz with an array of iridescent color as the hummingbirds, orioles and goldfinches flutter back and forth.  The trees will gloriously leaf out, providing much appreciated shelter for the birds and their new babies. The earth will warm, releasing its musky fragrance and long slumbering plants will poke their heads through the moist crust to meet the warmth of the sun.  Life will start to grow once more. Our dispositions will mellow and we will welcome our neighbors to sit on our deck and gab the night away. I think it’s time to seriously slow down and remember that the most important things to us aren’t things at all. Henry James once said: ‘Three things in human life are important. The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. And, the third is to be kind.’ I couldn’t agree more.  Relax in His presence!

In parting, I wanted to share something I saw in our greenhouse today. It’s a petunia that was left in a planter we didn’t take the time to clean out last fall. It really didn’t look so hot all winter, all yellow and spindly, and we decided that, come spring, we would toss it. But, because it shared a planter with a geranium we wanted to keep, my husband watered and fed it. With his TLC, it responded with vibrance, producing healthy and abundant happy blossoms and they are just as mesmerizing as the snow. Rejoice, a touch of spring!  Trust in His timing!


I don’t know about you but, after this winter, I feel yellow and spindly.  It’s time to hang up my big boy crankey pants and receive God’s TLC.  Spring is on its way.  I know it simply because God said so!  Rely on His promises!!


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