260,000 Inches

Just exactly how long or how far is 260,000 inches anyway? Well, let’s look at some comparisons.

The average football field’s playing area is 120 yards or 3600 inches … 260,000 inches would be approximately 72 football fields.

The inches in a mile are 63,360 so we’d be looking at almost 4¼ miles.

We drive a Dodge Grand Caravan. The 2013 model measures almost 204” long, or 1274½ Caravans parked bumper to bumper.

The normal semi with trailer measures 70’ long or 840” … that looks like 309½ semis positioned length to length to me.

The Sears Tower measures 1482’. 260,000 inches would be almost 15 times its height!

My point? Since starting Cross The World two short years ago, we have given away approximately 40,000 crosses. Each cross is made from a piece of wood measuring 6½” prior to cutting. Doesn’t look like much when we’re cutting, assembling, bagging and shipping but when you think about how much distance these 40,000 crosses would cover if we laid them end to end, it amazingly counts up!


When our crosses leave our distribution center, we don’t always know whose hands they will end up in … children, military, homeless, addicts, even those who haven’t yet received Jesus as their Savior. We don’t always know what country our crosses will find their homes in or even if people will be able to read and understand the hang tag that accompanies them. We do know that everyone who receives one of these crosses knows what it stands for. They understand that Jesus does love them and that He gave His life so we all could live in Him. We know this because of feedback we get from our partners in Christ.

They are spreading God’s love, each time they give a cross away.

Small steps for a much larger purpose …


We thank everyone who has partnered with us to date and, now that we have this networking opportunity, we’d like to thank the following for sharing our crosses with others during the month of April:

  • Cheryl, Minnesota
  • Helene, South Dakota
  • St. John’s Lutheran Church, Barnesville, MN



One thought on “260,000 Inches

  1. What a creative way you have come up with to help understand what 260,000 inches would be!! Forty thousand crosses how amazing and beautiful. What a gift to the world, only God could have inspired such a ministry. I love how your make the crosses free, just like the first cross to a fallen world. Thank you, you have touched so many lives across the world. May God continue to bless your efforts and supply the energy needed to keep this ministry expanding and reaching across the world.

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