Autumn Thoughts

As the growing season is closing down for us here in Minnesota, our thoughts are turning to what’s ahead. Predictions for this winter are colder than normal with a less than normal snow pack. Well, doesn’t that just make us all feel warm and fuzzy?? There is a change in the weather … some good, some bad. We’re experiencing a wet fall … not helpful to the farmers trying to get their fields harvested but making our drought suffering plant life smile! A lack of Asian lady beetles on our farm was made up by an abundance of boxelder bugs which scrambled for cover when I tried to smash them under my shoe. Woolly caterpillars are seen here and there and the leaves … well, they are mostly laying on the ground now, thanks to last night’s wind and driving rain. Yes, autumn is here and winter is just around the corner; summer is a pleasant memory.

Cross The World has had an active summer, thanks to your participation. Lots of mission trips taken where our crosses were placed in eager and receptive hands. SonShine Festival helped us touch a lot of people who, in turn, magnified our outreach. Churches and people, just like you, handed out our crosses at festivals, Bible schools, camps, parades and dinners, encouraging the recipient to ‘pass it on’. And, while it has become extremely difficult to keep track of (which is a such wonderful situation to be in), our giveaway count to date is somewhere over 60,000! Wow!! Thank you for your part in making God’s love visible, one cross at a time!!!

We welcome your comments and would very much like to share the experiences you have had with our ministry. Please consider letting us post your information on our blog … your experience may open the door for someone else with your ideas and messages.

The season of family gatherings is rapidly approaching … a time to seek out those we haven’t spent much time with during the year … a time to be close to each other … a time for us all to share with each other. It’s also a time of year when depression, loss, separation and suffering can be magnified to a debilitating stage. What simpler opportunity for us to make people feel warm and fuzzy than to give them a cross so they may feel our Father’s closeness … know they are not alone but wrapped tightly in His arms and sheltered by His love … that they are a very important member of His family? REJOICE IN HIS GOODNESS RELAX IN HIS PRESENCE … and then, pass it on! It will be returned to you tenfold; that is God’s promise!!

We thank the following who joined in our mission during the month of September. You’ve helped make many people feel closer to Jesus and His love!

Assembly of God Church – Willmar, MN

Judy – MN

John – MN

Our Savior’s Lutheran School – Crookston, MN

Margret – SD

St. Joseph of the Lakes Catholic Church – Lino Lakes, MN

Calvary Evangelical Free Church – Rugby, ND

Cedar Valley Church – Bloomington, MN for a mission trip to Thailand

Marlys – MN

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