Exciting News!

Just got some exciting news from our Friend in Christ, Susan, and wanted to share it with all of you.  She is a member of Community Lutheran Church in Bullhead City, AZ and they have been, and continue to be, very active supporters of Cross The World.

Community Lutheran Church, Bullhead City, AZ

So, when I asked her if she would mind me telling you about their activities and how they share our crosses with those around them, she gladly provided me with a breakdown of where all the crosses have gone so far this year.

Here’s her note to us:

We need more crosses! I have lost track of our orders with you! Can we have 700??!!??
So far, we have begun our sharing of crosses the week after Christmas. Left a tree decorated with crosses in our Narthex!
We gave them to the children … visitors and encouraged others to ‘give one away’.
Easter 2013 – Every nursing home and assisted living center here in town and one in Phoenix!
Our 25th Anniversary dinner this past April … over 200 to those who attended.
VBS – enough for all teachers and children to have and one to give away!
Summer camp in Prescott, AZ – 80-100 for all attending plus one to give away!
300 were ordered in Spanish for local Spanish ministry here, and to share in Mexico.
300+ were given to Praise Food Bank to give out for the holidays with their food boxes.
Several Snowbirds have taken them back to their ‘home churches’ in Mid-West!
This next batch of 300 is to hand out for October 27th Halloween Carnival!
Oh, we have a member who puts them up in the Oatman Hotel Post Office! He is a gold miner and goes to Alaska every summer. We will give him 100+ for next summer.
This year, in November, our Sock Ministry to Veterans will include your cross!
Thank you.  We continue to pray for your ministry!!”

Isn’t that an inspiring accounting? We just love to hear from Susan.  And, we’d love to share your accountings as well!!  Please tell us what you’ve been up to and I’ll gladly post to this blog so all can see.

Here’s our story for the month:

In the early part of October, Ernie and I were driving around northern MN. Actually, we were in Emily, checking the town out. It’s a quaint little town … pretty … quiet … and nestled in the colorful beauty of trees currently decked in golds, oranges and reds with lakes crystal blue … very serene and peaceful … totally engulfed in God’s masterful handiwork.

As we were driving about, I needed to use a restroom (as usual) and so Ernie turned the car around in the parking lot of a small church on the edge of town and parked at the gas/convenience store located next door … God at work!!

As I was leaving the store, there were several local newspapers in the stand and so I picked them up for future reading … God at work!!

When we returned home and started reading those papers, a small article in one of them caught our eye.  That small church whose parking lot we had turned around in was going on a mission trip to Haiti this month. AHA!!  They needed to know about us!!  So, we called to introduce Cross The World to them and offer some crosses to take with.  Subsequently, crosses were sent and they are now being hand carried, along with Bibles, by the 6 people from that small church in northern MN as they set out on their first mission trip to Haiti!  We hope to meet these missionaries soon and hear of their God stories while in Haiti; we are also hopeful they will be willing to share with you as well.   God at work!!

And, so, this month, we warmly welcome the Wesleyan Church of Emily to our Cross The World family. They join the following CTW family members who have made God’s love visible to others, one cross at a time, during the month of October:

  • Bob – MN
  • Stephanie – AZ
  • Andrew – MN, for a mission trip to Ghana
  • Monica – MT



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