May Thoughts

Last month, we received so many requests for our crosses that we completely depleted our inventory … a wonderful dilemma for us! We were thrilled by your requests and response to our ministry. In all, over 4000 crosses left our distribution center to be presented to eager hands and hearts, hungry to know how wonderful our God is and to feel the everlasting love He has for us all. Thank you to everyone who has become a foot soldier for God and included us in your mission. Whether you joined the Cross The World family in April, 2014 or have been introducing people to God through our crosses since our start 3 years ago, you are a very valuable member of our family and, together, we are working to make God’s love visible across the world! To date, over 80,000 crosses have been given away … Aaaah-mazing!!!  Thank you!!


In the last 45 days, I have heard so much about LAMP (Lutheran Association of Missionaries and Pilots), an organization that ministers to people living in remote villages of northern Canada. I had never heard of this organization before but, when we kept receiving cross requests from so many church groups, I needed to check this organization out …. and, what an awesome organization it is!

I’m including a link to their website,, and invite you to take a look.  Their US home base is located at Box 480167, New Haven, MI 48048; their phone number is 1.800.538.9648. They are always looking for volunteers who would be willing to give of their time to join in a mission trip to visit the residents of these villages and teach the children about God during their summer vacation Bible school.  Maybe you or your group would have some interest??

Sue from Hosanna! Church in Lakeville, MN is one of the LAMP missionaries and she wrote an article for the LAMPlighter newsletter, giving me permission to share. You can find her article here (click on the March, 2014 issue). Sue and her husband are celebrating their 30th year anniversary with the LAMP ministry this year. Congratulations and thank you for your selfless service in His name, Sue!


Many times, we get a phone call from someone who just wants us to know that he/she has received one of our crosses and, while going through a rough period of their life, the simple reading of the message tag has helped them feel at peace. This month, we are introducing a new page: ‘What Does The Cross Mean to You?’  This page is meant to be a comment/discussion page and we invite all of you to share with us what the cross means to you, how Jesus’ love through His ultimate sacrifice for us has impacted your life or the lives of people you know, comments from people you have shared our cross with, etc. Please consider being an active part by sharing your thoughts.


Also, please remember that our message tag is printed in English, as well as Spanish (here is a photo of both tags). This choice is particularly helpful if you are planning a mission trip to or working with Spanish speaking congregations/groups. There is a line on our order form where you can indicate if you want the message tags to be sent in English or Spanish; if nothing is checked, we will automatically send you English tags.


We thank everyone for supporting Cross The World during the month of April:

– Nyla, MN
– Susan, AZ
– Oak Lake Lutheran Church, Nickerson, MN
– Paradise United Methodist Church, Newberry, MI
– Tahquamenon United Methodist Church, Newberry, MI
– Cheryl, MN
Good Samaritan Society – The Pines Senior Living Community, Jackson, MN
– Margaret, MI
St. Michael Lutheran Church, Portage, MI
Harmony River Living Center, Hutchinson, MN
Bethesda Pleasant View, Willmar, MN
– Immanuel – Watson Parish, Boyd, MN
– Diane, AZ
Pretty Lake Trinity United Methodist Church, Culver, IN
My Father’s House, Minneapolis, MN
First English Lutheran Church, Cannon Falls, MN
Mt. Olivet Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, MN

‘When we give ourselves something to look forward to, no matter how great or small the event,we are giving ourselves the gift of hope. And where there’s hope built into tomorrow, there are all kinds of possibilities for overcoming whatever obstacle we face today.’
– Ruth Senter

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