In Every Walk With Nature …

In every walk with nature, one receives more than he seeks. I wanted to share some photos of what God has done recently to our surroundings:




Emily area 2014b


Emily area 2014c



Great are the works of the Lord.    Psalm 111:2


Late this spring, our Friend in Christ, Sue, requested some crosses that would be given out on a mission trip she was going on to northern Canada through the LAMP Ministry (see May post). She shared this story with us:

‘We wanted you to know what a blessing your crosses have been to our ministry. We do outreach through LAMP Ministry, located in Edmonton, Canada. LAMP provides spiritual witness in communities in northern remote areas of Canada through pastor/missionary pilots and short and long-term volunteers.

We were fortunate to receive the crosses prior to our trip this summer. As the Spirit led, we gave some of the crosses away when we were fundraising for our trip. A few examples included a car wash when one person we gave the cross to said “my husband died 3 weeks ago and I am so lost,” she held the cross to her heart and said “bless you for sharing”. Another person was on her way back home with her child after being released from a “safe house” for battered women. After giving her a cross we had a wonderful conversation and shared scriptures with each other. When it was finally time to head North for our mission trip, we challenged each team member to give away a cross to someone before we boarded our plane in Winnipeg. Again we were able to bless people in many places including a coffee shop, gas station, the check-in-desk at the airport, and a variety of other places.

Originally we planned to do a single prayer walk once we arrived in the Oji Cree community we were serving. However, after the team experienced the first walk we decided to repeat on two other evenings. After spending time in prayer with the Lord, we set out, knocking on doors and offering the cross saying “we would like to bless you with this cross” which opened up conversations with people we never imagined. No one turned us away and many asked for prayer. Even for those who had never witnessed to others before found it easy to start a conversation once the cross was passed from their hand to another. We give all glory to the Lord and thanks to you for giving us a means to bless people and start conversations and relationships that we pray will bring people to know the Lord.

Blessings, Sue

 PS:  I have only one photo of someone with the cross as we didn’t want them to think this was about documenting a “good deed” but rather truly caring about them. This young woman actually asked us to take her photo.’


S Folgers friend


Great message!  Thank you for the good news, Sue!!

 Thank you to the following for supporting Cross The World in September:

Connie – MN

Annette – MN

The Center for Family Counseling – St. Cloud, MN

United Methodist Church – Emily, MN

First English Lutheran Church – Cannon Falls, MN

Mike – MT

Trinity Lutheran Church – Fergus Falls, MN

Julie – OR

Darlene – MN

Lord of Life Lutheran Church – Moreno Valley, CA

Suki – AZ

Jeff – OH, for mission to Paraguay

 At the end of the day, the only questions we should ask ourselves are:

Did we love enough?
Did we laugh enough?
Did we make a difference?

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