Sharing September Thoughts

We got a phone call from a friend of ours, Kathy, who wanted to share some awesome news. Ernie had given her a cross about 2 years ago and she had been carrying it in her purse; recently, she had her grandkids in the back seat of her car. One of them wanted something to hold so she gave them that cross and, at the end of that ride, it was left in their carseat. Last week, she was involved in a hit & run accident by a drunk driver. When she got home and started to inspect the damage to her car, she opened the door that was struck. There was her cross, resting on the floor, immediately inside the door. It was the first thing she saw and she wanted to share with us the blessing she felt she had received from that cross … she had no small passengers at the time of the accident and Kathy was unhurt. What a wonderful Protector she had riding with her that day!

Believe in His miracles!!!



Here’s some other great feedback from our Friends in Christ:


Two of our members had ordered a couple hundred wooden crosses you have been making for the witness of Jesus Christ. We have been giving these wooden crosses, along with our church brochure, to the neighbors in our community. It has been very positively received.

I am a native of Japan, although I became an American Citizen almost ten years ago. My mother lives in one of the Lutheran retirement facilities in Tokyo and I will be visiting her there at the end of this month. I am going to visit my home church where my family belongs and plan to present these crosses to the congregation. They can share them with visitors and members alike, for them to wear and witness the love of Jesus Christ.

Your ministry is very unique and I can almost feel His love and grace through this wonderful ministry.

In His Spirit,
Interim Pastor Yutaka Kishino
Lord of Life Lutheran Church, Moreno Valley, CA

 ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

These crosses will be going to Burma to the Po Karen people group. The previous crosses we ordered were in Spanish and went with our daughter and the Lakeville North FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) mission team to the community of Jaracaboa, Dominican Republic. She returns on Saturday, August 8th. We can’t wait to hear who they shared the crosses with! Thank you so much!

Jodi, Messiah Lutheran Church, Lakeville, MN

 ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

I am sending an extra $15 to help you with your wonderful mission. Be sure I will be passing them on to our children to pass them on to someone in their family or friends.

Sheila, River Falls Assembly of God, River Falls, WI

 ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

Thank you to all who have shared their witness in Christ.  If any of you have stories about how the crosses you have distributed have impacted others, we’d love to share them as well.  Just let me know!



Recently, some members of Messiah Lutheran Church in Lakeville, MN went on a mission trip to Burma, where our crosses were handed out to grateful villagers.  These missionaries represented Project Video, whose goal is to equip and train Asian evangelists to make and distribute Christian videos that will share the Bible to children and adults who may not be able to read or write, giving them a wonderful opportunity to see and hear the Gospel in their very own language. To learn more about Project Video, click here or here.  This organization is always looking for church sponsors/missionaries that would like to help them spread God’s word. Maybe your church is interested in helping them with their mission?


burma #4

burma mission #1

burma mission #2

burma mission #3

Great news!  Thanks for sharing, Messiah Lutheran!!



We have given away more than 105,000 crosses, thanks to you!!! We continue to be oh so grateful to all of you for your kind generosity, both in helping us spread God’s love by distributing our crosses and in continuing your financial support of our ministry (please remember that your donations to CTW are tax deductible). THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!!



And, we thank the following for helping us continue our ministry during the month of August:

Bev – MN (to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary … congratulations to Bev & Jerome!!)

Linda – AZ

Crossing Home – Minneapolis, MN

Deana – TX

Messiah Lutheran Church – Lakeville, MN

River Falls Assembly of God – River Falls, WI

Curtis – MN

Dorothy – MN

Faith Lutheran Church – W. Fargo, ND

Narrows Community Church – Outing, MN



If you have a special need today, focus your full attention on the goodness and greatness
of your Father rather than on the size of your need.

Your need is so small compared to His ability to meet it.

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