November is for family …

honor all who served

We salute our veterans this month for their service and commitment to our country. November 11th is the official celebrated Veterans Day but because of what these soldiers did for us, I think we should consider recognizing and honoring them for the entire month! We need to celebrate these heroes for their patriotism, their love for their country, and their willingness to serve and sacrifice for us. What a privilege they have provided us to live in a free country; let’s not forget them!! Please take some time to thank the servicemen and servicewomen you know for their dedication to protecting and keeping us safe.



Happy birthday greetings to one of our Cross The World directors! Mary Schemel will celebrate big on the 26th … turkey for Thanksgiving and cake for her birthday!! Happy birthday and much love Mary!!!



On a rainy Friday a couple of weeks ago, some of the folks from Heartwood Senior Living paid a visit to our Cross The World woodshop.

2015-10-23 002

During their short stay with us, Ernie walked them through the steps of cross production, starting with the stack of wood patiently waiting in the corner for its turn to be turned into something beautiful. He explained the many pieces of equipment used during the production stage and the function for each piece … the planer, the table saw, the miter saw, the drill press …








… all the way to the final stage of stringing the crosses, which most of the visitors have much experience with! Here they are, checking out Ernie’s technique …

2015-10-23 005

2015-10-23 007

2015-10-23 008

Everyone had a wonderful time; we were so blessed with their visit.


And, Cross The World remains so blessed to have the enthusiasm and energy of the Happy Hands, Happy Hearts group. We love them all!!



Christmas is on its way and the woodshop is purring away. We just want to remind you again that, if you are interested in receiving crosses for the Christmas season, please send your requests in as soon as you can.



Thank you to the following for sharing crosses during the month of October:

First Baptist Church – Bemidji, MN
Joan – MN, for mission work in India
Grace Lutheran Church – Ada, MN
Paradise & Hulbert United Methodist Church – Newberry, MI
Gerald – ND
Rick – OH
St. Anthony’s Vocations Ministry – Tigard, OR
Bev – MN
Les – IA
Carla – MN
Narrows Community Church – Outing, MN
Marlys – MN
New Pathways – Brainerd, MN



All of us at Cross The World wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Spend time with your family, enjoy each other’s company, give them plenty of hugs and let them know you love them … and remember to give thanks for all you have and for all you have been given.

thanks to the lord


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