Cross The World goes to South Sudan

We received some exciting news from Dr. Robert Rahn, founder of the Lutheran Heritage Foundation based in Macomb, MI!  The accounting of his trip is so awesome, we just had to share it with all of you!!


On November 22, 2015 your crosses were distributed to the children who were in attendance at a worship service at which five Lutheran deaconesses were commissioned after completing their four year course of study. The previous day was a five hour service of graduation for 10 men who are entering the ministry. The Lutheran Heritage Foundation assists in the training of these students by sending faculty members to do the teaching. Concordia Lutheran Institute for the Holy Ministry is operated by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of South Sudan/Sudan (ELCSS/S). Three members of the class graduated while living in a refugee camp in Gambela, Ethiopia, where they went after finding themselves caught in the midst of a tribal war.

I had with me three packages of crosses totaling 75 individual wooden crosses. I had made arrangements with the Sunday school teachers that after the children received a blessing and went on to their classes that they should come forward for their cross. As Dr. Bernie Lutz and I started to distribute the crosses, I feared that the children were going to break down the communion rail because of their anxiousness to make sure they received their prize. When the last child was given the cross it also marked the last cross we had in our package. I had no idea as to what number of children I could expect and certainly did not expect the number to be 75. I was sorry not to have more crosses as there were children (not part of the S.S.) looking in the church windows to see what was going on.

The ELCSS/S is made up of 150 congregations and 40,000 members with congregations throughout both Sudan countries. When I completed the church service I removed my clergy cross and gown and gave it to a Pastor whose church was destroyed by Muslims and everything in the church, including his vestments, was lost.

We pray that the crosses distributed will help to remind children and adults that peace comes from knowing Jesus, Who died on the cross for our sins and that through His shed blood on that cross and the open tomb of Easter we have the assurance of eternal life.

Thank you for the part Cross The World played in bringing the message of the cross to children and adults, some 300, in attendance that day. Our last distribution took place in Gambela, Ethiopia, described in an earlier release.

We are pleased to provide pictures of the distribution.

Thank you Cross The World.

And, we say ‘Thank You, Dr. Rahn!’ May God continue to bless your mission work and keep your travels safe.  Here are some photos of the cross distribution:


Cross Giveaway 3

Cross Giveaway 2

Cross Giveaway 1

God’s presence and love being felt by all; there just isn’t anything more to say!!


We also thank our Cross The World family for their activity during the month of December. Here is an accounting of where our crosses traveled to:

St. John’s Lutheran Church – Akeley, MN
Helen – ND
Marvella – MN
Jon – MN
Immanuel Lutheran Church – Lidgerwood, ND
Avera Health – Sioux Falls, SD
Brenda – KY
Our Redeemer’s Lutheran Church – Helena, MT
Dodie – MN
Kristina – WI
Becky – MN
Carla – MN
Pam – MN for family in Mississippi



Stairway to Heaven

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