grateful-pumpkin-1As Christians, we truly should express how grateful we are every minute of each day; we should offer our prayers of thankfulness without prompting.  But, as humans, we forget … we get busy.  November seems to remind us about what we ought to be grateful for; I suppose that’s mostly because of Thanksgiving.  Of course, we give thanks when we wake up in a bed each morning because that means we’re not homeless; we’re grateful for that sink full of dirty dishes because that means we’re not starving.  That blasted traffic jam makes us late to work but we are doubly grateful .. we have the comfort of transportation and we are not unemployed.   Our checkbook doesn’t ever balance but we’re grateful we have money.  Friends and family get on our last nerve and stretch our patience thin but we are grateful to have them in our life to lean on.  But, when compiling the list of what we are most grateful for, we should bend at the knees, bow our heads and give a prayer of gratitude to our Father who patiently remains in our life … no matter what we do, or say, or how we act, or what we wear.  He is always present and this, above all things, is what we should be the utmost grateful for.  For without Him, everything else would be worth nothing to us.

‘It’s easy to love those who are lovable. It’s a breeze to be kind to people you like. But to truly be patient and gentle toward someone who acts unloving or unbecoming is an altogether special assignment — one Jesus not only taught, but modeled.

He spent much of his time on earth with the not-so-popular people. He touched the leper. He granted dignity to the prostitute. He welcomed children and the tax collectors and those whom society rejected. Jesus modeled upside-down living and loving. And He urges us to do the same.

Let’s make it our aim not to just love the easy-to-love, but to hug the “porcupines” and squeeze the “skunks” in our lives, reaching those whose behavior and demeanor usually pushes people away rather than draws them in close.’  (Thank you to Proverbs 31 Ministries for sharing this.)

God takes care of His own.

He knows our needs.  He anticipates our crises. 

He is moved by our weaknesses.  He stands ready to come to our rescue. 

And at just the right moment He steps in and proves Himself as our faithful heavenly Father.

– Charles Swindoll



Veterans Day will be celebrated next Friday and that’s another BIG  reason to be grateful.  Please take the time to buy a veteran a cup of coffee, shake their hand, give them a hug and a smile.  Remember what they did for us and why; say ‘Thank You!’.  They are our heroes and we shall never forget!




Just want to say ‘Thank you!’ for providing the ability to give these crosses.  What a gift!  When given, people are so grateful.  Showing compassion and God’s love with the cross, people are so grateful and many give a sigh of comfort.  I always give two – one for the person and one for them to give to someonebrenda-kluth-son-brandon else.  The next crosses I will share with people who lost a child in honor of my beautiful son who passed very unexpected 9/29/15.  My son’s name is Brandon; the group is Compassionate Friends.  it will be a gift of hope and love!  Thank you so much!  God’s blessing with love.

                                               – Brenda, Brandon’s mom, ND  (pictured with son Brandon)




Our Cross The World family grew this past month. We thank you all for sharing the cross and God’s love with others.

Shirley – NJ
Nelly – NV
Stella – OR
Good Shepherd Lutheran School – Burnsville, MN
Pam – WA
Carla – MN
Brenda – ND
Sandy – MN
Maranatha Free Lutheran Church– Felton, MN
Lori – MN



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