Project Video Mission Trip

Imagine two grains of wheat lying on the floor of a warm and cozy barn.  One day, the farmer comes in and tells them, “I want to take you out of this comfortable barn and plant you in the earth.  I’m going to place you in the cold ground and cover you with soil.  it will be dark, and you will die.  But I promise that you will multiply and become very fruitful.”

The first grain of wheat turns down the suggestion.  “No way!” he says.  “Count me out.  I like my comfort, and I don’t want to die.”  But the second one, after carefully considering the pain and discomfort of dying, decides the promise of a future harvest is worth the sacrifice.  So, the farmer takes him outside and plants him in the ground, while allowing the first grain of wheat to remain inside the barn.

A few days later, a small green sprout begins to appear over where the seed has been planted.  Then it grows and becomes a tall stalk of wheat that produces one hundred more grains. For the next 40 years, the farmer plants all the seeds that originated from that first grain of wheat, and year after year, the harvest multiplies.  Meanwhile, the grain of wheat that stayed in the barn remains there all alone, never growing or multiplying … but he has stayed very comfortable.

Which grain of wheat are you?  Are you playing it safe, or have you let Christ plant you in the world? The only way you’ll become useful and fruitful in God’s kingdom is by abiding in Him and trusting that His desires for your life are worthwhile.                              – Charles Stanley



In many countries, the gospel can’t be shared freely. Repressive governments and religions stop Christians from telling others about Jesus.  However, God is mightier than the oppression.  Where human messengers can’t carry the good news, the Lord is revealing Himself to those whose hearts are open.  Nothing will stop Him from reaching out to people who follow conscience and creation to the logical conclusion – the existence of a loving, sovereign God.

We know there are missionaries who travel to some areas of the world that are not always safe and/or their presence is not welcome but they persevere, much like that grain of wheat that was planted, flourished and, as a result, multiplied the amount of God’s love shown to others who might not have ever had the opportunity to learn about His goodness.  In January, some missionaries from Messiah Lutheran Church, Lakeville, MN safely journeyed to and were welcomed by the people of Thailand and Cambodia for Project Video.  They forwarded us two videos from their trip and we wanted to share.

Click HERE to see their visit to the Akha people in Thailand.

Click HERE to see their visit to the Bunong people in Cambodia.

We thank them for sharing their travels with us and also for presenting the cross to these people.  Cross The World is very privileged to travel with you!



And, here’s some awesome testimonials:

‘These crosses make a difference.  Thank you for your ministry.’  Frank – MN

‘Amazing story about the Cross the World. I received my cross at the Fredericksburg, TX Cowboy Church that we attend while wintering in Fredericksburg. Someone had ordered them and put them out to share. We are back home in NW Minnesota and so fun to see that they are made right here in Lake Country. I have wanted to order some. This should be the opportune time to do that.’  Coleen – MN

And, this from our Sister in Christ, Kay from Monticello, MN, who shared pictures:

‘Hi!  Were your ears ringing today?  We were talking about your awesome crosses and your ministry.  I had ladies over to my house today and we made 160 necklaces out of your crosses.  We will hand them out at our booth at Monticello Walk and Roll day June’s second Saturday.  Was a fun day.  God bless you!’  



Crosses made a difference in peoples’ lives during May and June.  Here’s who shared with others:

Open Door Community Church – Breezy Point, MN

Good Samaritan Society, Heritage Meadows – St. Peter, MN

Birch Ridge Resort – Cass Lake, MN

Liz – PA

Diana – MN

Harbor City Church – Aberdeen, WA

Bill – MN

Oracle Union Church – Oracle, AZ

KTIS Radio – St. Paul, MN

Barbara – MN

Geralyn – PA

St. Francis Hospital Pastoral Care – Tulsa, OK

Patricia – PA

Messiah Lutheran Church – Lakeville, MN for mission trip to Thailand and Cambodia

Dr. Jim – MI

Samantha – MI

Joy – MN

MN Homeless and Wounded Warriors

Connie – MN

Yvette – CA

Zion Lutheran Church – Litchfield, MN

Buddy – AK

Don – MN

Edward – TX

Trinity Lutheran Church – Fergus Falls, MN for mission trip to Canada through LAMP Ministry



Let love be your greatest aim.

 1 Corinthians 14:1


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