Who We Are

Here’s something you might want to know about us …

CROSS THE WORLD is a faith based ministry located in North Central Minnesota. We started up in the spring of 2011 and our mission is to touch as many people’s lives with a simple reminder that God is in their corner, no matter what encouragements they may need. Whether they’ve lost a spouse or child, suffered a financial or job loss, been diagnosed with a physical ailment … whatever is presently tearing at their heart, everyone needs to know that God loves them. Our business sized crosses snuggle nicely into the palm of a hand, or fit into a pocket or purse, or sit by the kitchen sink … and they remind us that God is with us wherever we are!  RELAX IN HIS PRESENCE!!

Our mission started as the vision of one man, our friend Harlow. Deeply spiritual, Harlow was a numbers man and, knowing that the daily birthrate worldwide was about 340,000, he calculated that if only ONE PERCENT of that daily population growth was introduced or reunited to knowing God and basking in His goodness, the number of Christians across the world would seriously rock Satan’s world! Harlow joined his Saviour before he was able to launch this exciting spiritual adventure, but, through five of his friends, CROSS THE WORLD was born and we are committed to carry Harlow’s dream to everyone we can, telling them that Jesus loves them.

When we talked about starting this ministry, we knew the basics of what we wanted to accomplish. It was simple enough … we would hand out handcrafted wooden crosses, a representation of the 2 boards and 3 nails Jesus used to build a bridge to Heaven, just for us. But, the mechanics of our mission needed a little more thought as our goal of 340,000 seemed so monumental. The first thing we committed to was to never charge for these crosses. God gives His love to us so freely and because we want our crosses to represent His love, we wanted everyone to experience the joy of having an abundance of both!!

The main, and biggest, component was the wood we needed to build these crosses from. Where would we find what we were looking for? And, then, along came our cousin who knows everyone, including the manager of a local cabinet company. One word to him and pallets of rejected cabinet fronts, sides and bottoms started being delivered to us; our warehouse was quickly filled to capacity.  How appropriate that God would guide our hands to repurpose this rejected wood into something so meaningful?  TRUST IN HIS TIMING!!

We have been so fortunate that people have helped us along the way, giving us free legal advice and greatly discounted materials.  But, we do have expenses and rely solely on donations from kindhearted people to help us continue making and distributing our crosses.  Please consider sending us a donation if you can; we are a FAITH BASED not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation; your donation is tax deductible.



Come near to God and He will come near to you.

– James 4:8


3 thoughts on “Who We Are

  1. Cross the World continues to be my FAVORITE way to witness to people, whether it be family members, friends, or complete strangers. It is very gratifying to give the crosses to someone, then to find out later that they have ordered several hundred of their own crosses to pass on. God bless all the folks whose hearts and hands make this ministry possible. – Diane

  2. You are all awesome! I have a faith based ministry in Paraguay South America and would love to take several hundred of your crosses to hand out at a child feeding program. Is it possible to have the card that is attached printed in Spanish?
    Sheri Bitzan at Project for the People of Paraguay

    • Received 2 of these crosses by a nurse who knows our hearts to share Gods love and mercy with others .. How true ,if we only realized how much we are loved by a loving God !!!

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