What Does The Cross Mean To You?


We all know what the cross is … OR, DO WE?

Do we remember that the cross is an instrument of death that brings life?

Because there is so much hurt and confusion in today’s world, Cross The World wants to bring encouragement and support to everyone by reminding them that Jesus died to bring us forgiveness and eternal life.  And, what better reminder of God’s love for us than a business card sized cross?  Something that can be seen on a dashboard or by the kitchen sink, kept in a purse or felt in a pocket, or be handed on to someone with the words:  “Jesus loves you”.

When we watch the recipient wrap their fingers around the cross, read the message tag and see the tears come to their eyes, we witness God at work and are so joyfully thankful to have been allowed to spend that very intimate moment with both of of them.

‘For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only son,
that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.’
– John 3:16


This page is for you … we invite you to share what the cross means to you, how the love Jesus demonstrated by dying on it to save us from our sins has impacted your life, etc.  Please also share comments others have made.

th.jpegThe cross means love to me.  It shows that Jesus loved us so much that he was willing to die for us.  ~ Dimitri



th.jpegWithout the cross, we would have NO HOPE!!! Thank you Lord Jesus for dying for us even before we were born. What a mighty God we serve!!! ~ Diane 



th.jpegThe CROSS means life to me. Jesus died on it, to bring me life. I am undeserving, but He thought that I was worth it. That is the only answer that I need. ~ Mary



I love these comments. The object of our faith has to be on what Jesus Christ has done on the cross … build a relationship with Jesus Christ through prayer and reading God’s word, the BIBLE. ~ Ken



The cross upon the risen.  Lord reminds me that my life is worth living with Christ in it.  I have discovered that during 4 years of Elmhurst College. ~ Marc


th.jpegThe cross means to me that God sent his only son for a sinner like me to receive his grace for ever lasting life. Walking in the F.O.G. (favor of God). ~ Pamela


th.jpegLong before His birth, Christ had been set aside to rescue us from our fallenness – which means that we can never fully appreciate the manger unless we see it in the shadow of the cross.  Christmas is completely about Christ’s love, seen most clearly in His sacrifice for us. ~ Bill


th.jpegThe cross says that God especially loves those who are hurting, under the power of sin. If you turn to Jesus Christ and put your trust in what He did for you by paying for your sin when He died on the cross, He will deliver you from sin’s power and you will be set free. He loves you just as you are but He loves you too much to leave you that way. He wants to heal you from the devastating effects of sin. Will you turn to Him? ~ Steve


th.jpegWhat the cross means to me is that Jesus died on it to forgive all our sins – now and forever! He set us free and we should always remember what He did for us. ~ Debbi 


th.jpegThe cross is a powerful reminder of the beautiful sacrifice Jesus made. He laid His life down so we might have freedom from sin. It is not merely the most commonly recognized symbol of Christianity. The cross is the very means by which you and I can experience new life here and now – and the promise of eternal life in the future. ~ Dean


th.jpegThe cross is a sign of the power of God to redeem life out of death … that the strange, powerful love of God is hidden deep in the wood of the cross. To some, the cross seemed to signify suffering and death but because Jesus was raised from the dead, that same cross is now a life giving sign of redemption. ~ John


th.jpegTo me, the cross is very personal. Jesus chose to die on the cross for all us sinners. And, the message of the cross remains a gift of love to those undeserving. Above all, the cross is a symbol of love. ~ Sarah

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