Here’s how to get our crosses …


 24753 Norway Pine Place, Emily, MN 56447

Simply complete this form, drop it in the mail to us and we’ll get you set up.


REQUESTED BY:   __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


ORGANIZATION: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________





PHONE: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________




As God’s love to us is free, so are our crosses.  We do have expenses, however, and to help us keep the crosses at no charge, we appreciate a minimum donation of $15 per 100 crosses, which includes postage within the continental US.  We pack our crosses in multiples of 100 and ship USPS Priority.  Shipments outside the continental US  are not shipped USPS Priority and require exact postage; please call us prior to placing your request so we can determine the most economical way to get the crosses to you.



_____________________  crosses x $15 per 100 = $ _______________________


WHICH MESSAGE TAG SHOULD WE USE?  (If none is specified, English will be sent)

_________________ ENGLISH                      _______________ SPANISH


We would appreciate you sending payment along with your order.  We currently accept cash, checks or money orders; sorry, no credit/debit cards or CODs.  Our ministry is funded solely by your kind generosity; please remember that your donations to Cross The World are tax deductible!


We do everything possible to get your crosses to you as soon as possible but, depending on orders waiting for shipment and our work load, please allow up to 4 weeks.



* Cross The World is non-denominational and does not promote specific religions or churches. Therefore, we respectfully request that you not add anything to or take anything away from our cross or its message. Thank you! *




2 thoughts on “Here’s how to get our crosses …

  1. Thank you for the new order form. I had recently tried to print one only to find that I had to go
    elsewhere for the address. I had ordered 200 crosses to give out when I was providing pulpit supply and they were well-received. With Easter coming, I again want to be able to hand out
    crosses as the congregation leaves the sanctuary for them to pass on. Since this was one of the parishes that have received them in the past, it will be interesting to hear the comments when they receive another cross to “pass on.” Thank you for the work that you are doing to get the message of the cross around the world.

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