Bound By Faith Ministries

We received some great feedback from some of our Cross The World family members and I am excited to share!

‘Have a blessed day.  Truly a clear message.  Amen.’    Mary ~ IL

‘Thank you for your ministry.’       Liz ~ PA

Frank from MI forwarded this note on to us.  His church received it from one of the Christmas Shoe Box recipients.

‘Hi everyone there!!  I am Eder, father of Joseph, who received the box gift of all of you.  Thank so much!!  We are living in Medellin, Colombia.  Joseph is very happy for everything in the box, specially for the cross.  He told me: ‘Dad, Jesus isn’t on the cross.’ I answered: ‘He rose!!’  Just for that, Thank you!!  Thank you for blessed us!!!  We would like to have contact with all of you!!’


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This month, we are pleased to feature Bound By Faith Ministries located in Barnum, MN.  This ministry was founded by Bob Cummins who serves the Lord by making and distributing wooden crosses (most of them made from reclaimed barn wood) free of charge, all under the direction he receives from God.  After making these crosses for years, Bob rejoices in the fact that over 500 of them have left his hands for others.  He says, ‘Each cross the Lord directs me to give away is a special message from Him to the party receiving it.  The message is that there is power in the cross and, through that power, lives and hearts are changed.’  Amen!

We feel so privileged to welcome Bob and his ministry to our Cross The World family and look forward to a long-lasting relationship.  To read Bob’s testimony and to see photos of his beautiful crosses, click HERE.


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Please remember to visit our Covid-19 page to read notes/comments shared by other CTW family members.  You can get there by clicking on the Covid-19 tab on the top of this page or by clicking HERE.

Our intention is not to clutter our site with repetitive information from the internet but to share our personal thoughts.  So, if you have something you feel is pertinent, please send it to us and we’ll publish it.  New comments will be published in red.

Remember … we’re all in this together.  God is with us … don’t let go of His hand!!!

Although storms have many origins, there is only one answer for all of them.  When everything around us comes unglued and falls apart, we must go to our knees, trusting the Lord to give us a sense of assurance and boldness to stand firm in obedience.  A yielded life that’s settled in God’s Word, open to His work within us, and made adequate in the Holy Spirit’s love and power is immovable in the tempests of life.

~ Charles Stanley


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Summer is officially here … Ernie saw his first mosquito last week!!  And, that reminded me of this:



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In spite of just about everything being shut down due to the coronavirus, there is still a need for crosses and some made their way from our woodshop to others; we’ve listed those folks below.   We are so thankful for our entire Cross The World family; we appreciate you sheltering in place and staying healthy!!  You all remain in our prayers; keep safe!

Mary – IL

Frank – MI

Shirleen – NC

Gale – MN

Carla – MN

Pam – PA

Sherry – MN

Nancy – PA

Lewistown Christian Church – Dawson Springs, KY


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Irving Berlin wrote this to honor his mother; Kate Smith made this famous during her radio show in 1941; the US Congress stood on the steps of the Capitol Building and sang this on 9/11.  It’s a great reminder.





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