Aaannd, we’re back!!

The move is complete and the Cross The World woodshop is up and running! Our wood supply was delivered last Saturday and Ernie is a very happy man!!! We thank everyone for their patience in this transition; we know it’s been a long time … well, it seems that way to us. Funny how long two months can be when you’re waiting to do something that is so meaningful, worthwhile and enjoyable.



Let me repeat, Ernie is a very happy, albeit very busy, man!!



Some of you requested crosses during the interim and we want you to know you are already in our system; your crosses should be on their way to you within a week or two. If you were waiting with your request, you can send them at any time. Please note that there is an address change; here is the new one: 24753 Norway Pine Place, Emily, MN 56447. Our phone number and email remains the same.

Again, all of us at Cross The World thank you so much for your patience and prayers during the move of our woodshop/distribution center. We are eager to again be working side by side with you in God’s great universe and hearing how we all have impacted people’s lives!



July 16-19th brought SonShine 2014 to Willmar and Cross The World was there!! We want to say a big ‘Thank You’ to the following people who made our presence possible: Bob S, Terry & Sarah L, Jared H,  Adam S, Susan W & her cousin Amy J (from Bullhead City, AZ & Montevideo, MN respectively – first time visitors to SonShine ever!!) and Jason S. We can’t tell you enough how much we appreciate all of you taking time from your summer to devote to CTW and to visit with SonShiners about who we are and how they can join in with us. Most of all, we thank Jason for taking the reins during the event: helping orchestrate set-up and tear-down, setting up worker schedules, preparing booth props and overseeing day to day activities. You are an amazing God worker; we couldn’t have done SonShine 2014 without you!!!

During their visit to our booth this year, people were invited to write their thoughts about Cross The World and we wanted to share some of them with you:


‘I love giving the crosses to people. God bless you.’ – Tanya


‘All things work together for your good as a child of God. Being in His presence and bringing
Him honor and glory is all it’s about.’ – Michael


‘Thank you so much for your incredible work in spreading God’s word and love.’ – Alyssa


‘Thank you so much for your ministry. I will order crosses for my AWANA Club kids
and use the cross for a council time lesson.’ – Dawn


‘Just wanted to let you know the crosses we made at SonShine 2013 were used to tie on
each of our Christmas gifts last year in order to share in the ministry.’ – Steve & Doria


‘I will be using some of these crosses at the Bible camp I work at.’ – Ashley


‘I’m going to share these crosses with my small group girls at Eagle Brook Church and make a
craft out of it. What you all do is AMAZING!! Keep doing what you’re doing!’ – Kalli


‘Thank you for loving all your customers & friends around the world. Thank you also for
responding and acting.’ – unsigned


‘Great idea! Thank you for the free cross to spread the word of God!’ – Danielle


‘Blessings upon you and your ministry!’ – Pastor Diane


‘I have passed along dozens of crosses to students in MN and would love to do the same
when I move to Colombia in 2015!’ – Rebecca


‘God’s blessings to you both! Thank you for letting me a part of this event!’ – Amy (booth worker)


‘So glad to be part of this awesome ministry. Thank you!’ – Susan (booth worker)


‘Thank you so much for what you have done! Because of this, we were able to bring them to Thailand. Hundreds of children now have a cross of their own. God bless you!’ – Austin


‘Thank you so much for the amazing crosses. I brought 8 to Uganda last week and gave them
to our hosts and our co-volunteers from Uganda. Those who received were beyond grateful.
In fact, for many it was their first and only cross. It was a true blessing and encouragement.
God bless your ministry! You are a blessing!’ – Jenn, founder of Hands of Action International


‘You are cool!’ – unsigned


‘God bless you for your mission. I will pass your work and words to my church and pass the message.’ – Jackie


‘A special thanks to you for lifting the hearts and prayers for so many.’ – Ron


‘When me and my friend made these (crosses) last year, it led to our church sending
hundreds to Thailand. I brought a few home as well to brighten up my home. I hope you
will continue to send the Gospel to new places.’ – unsigned


‘Your crosses have made their way to Winnipeg, Canada to our churchs’ inner city school.
It was so special to give a gift to new students who are learning about the Lord and need
a physical reminder of the awesome power of the cross.’ – Caroline


‘Thank you so much for your ministry and your labor of love. I am blessed beyond measure.
And, thank you for providing a resource that can help me further the Kingdom of God through the Gospel.’ – Saul


‘May God richly bless your service to Him. Never doubt the dream and labor you do for the
Lord. May you always know God is singing over the labor of your hands.’ – Cindy


‘My parents recently gave me a cross for Easter and since, I’ve brought it with me everywhere
I go for safe travels. It’s really cool.’ – Len


‘Our grandson did a challenge (last year – see our August 2013 post) and is still talking
about it.’ – Doug & Evelyn


God is ahh-mazing!! All of us at CTW were so touched to read what you had to say; we are sorry that we weren’t able to be there in person this year to meet and talk with each of you but look forward to sharing this experience with you next year! Thank you so much for sharing your kind words!!



Make it a goal that when someone looks at you,

they will notice the light of Christ in your eyes and

the radiance He brings to your smile.




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