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On Good Friday, Presbyterian Homes posted a wonderful tribute to Cross The World on their blog.  We were so touched with their post about our cross ministry, we wanted to share it with all of you.

‘Good Friday marks the crucifixion and death of Jesus. For Christians, this is a solemn day of reflection on the meaning of the cross in anticipation of Easter and the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection.

The cross is a beloved symbol shared by people of the Christian faith around the world. The cross, a brutal tool of execution by the ancient Roman Empire, was transformed into a symbol of God’s steadfast love and sacrifice when Jesus poured out his whole being for us by dying on the cross.

A group of about 20 resident volunteers at Heartwood, located in Crosby, MN, have found a unique way to share the message of the cross by helping to send hand made wooden crosses all over the world.  They work with Cross The World, a faith based ministry located in North Central Minnesota, that supplies over 2,500 crosses to Heartwood every month for the volunteers to prepare for distribution.
“We believe in the cross and that it’s important for us to share our faith with people,” said Heartwood resident Elynn Niles, one of the original volunteers who helped start the group in 2014. “It’s just clicked with us!” she said.
The crosses, measuring 4 x 2.5 inches, are crafted at the Cross The World workshop in nearby Emily, MN. Each cross is cut one at a time from recycled wood materials by a volunteer woodworker and, much like the individuals who will receive them, no two crosses are alike. Then, residents who live at Heartwood lovingly complete the gift by threading jute twine through the crosses and attaching a prayer card that reads:
                                                   TRUST – in HIS timing
                                                   RELY – on HIS promises
                                                   WAIT – for HIS answers
                                                   REJOICE – in HIS goodness
                                                   BELIEVE – in HIS miracles
                                                   RELAX – in HIS presence

Elynn estimates that the group has sent over 200,000 crosses across the world since they began five years ago.  ““It’s our faith that keeps us doing this,” she said. The group prepared over 9,000 crosses that were given out at the 2017 Boy Scout National Jamboree.  They have given crosses to people as nearby as a neighbor at Heartwood and as far away as Malawi in Africa.

They are also inspired by the mission of Cross the World, “to touch people’s lives by giving out crosses for free as a simple reminder that God is in their corner, no matter what.” As thousands of crosses travel far and wide, the volunteers at Heartwood are proud to be a part of this tangible way to share the love of Christ, one cross at a time.’


We thank Presbyterian Homes for their kind words and can only say the admiration for the residents of Heartwood Senior Living goes both ways.  We don’t know what we would do without them!  God bless them all!!



And, these words from our Sister in Christ, Kay:

‘Hi, my daughter-in-law gave me all this fake fur which was donated to her.  We will make scarves for the shoe boxes.  Praise the Lord.  We also put your cross necklaces into them.’




April crosses were sent to:

Geralyn – PA

Sunny Knik Chapel – Wasilla, AK

Grace United Methodist Church – Fergus Falls, MN

St. Francis Hospital Pastoral Care – Tulsa, OK

Paul – PA

He Intends Victory – Irvine, CA

Second Assembly of God – Joplin, MO

Christ English Lutheran Church – Fridley, MN

Peace Lutheran Church – New London, MN

Caley – MI

Patty – ND

United Methodist Church – Smithton, PA

Crossing Home – Minneapolis, MN

Norris Square (Presbyterian Homes) – Cottage Grove, MN

Pam – PA

Joyce – MN

Kay – MN

Don – MN



J – Just for today, let me be a blessing with
E – eyes and ears ready to
S – see other’s needs and hearts as I
U – uplift your name while serving and living by
S – simply allowing others to see you alive in my life. 



One thought on “Presbyterian Homes Tribute

  1. Amazing story about the Cross the World. I received my cross at the Fredericksburg, TX Cowboy Church that we attend while wintering in Fredericksburg. Someone had ordered them and put them out to share. We are back home in NW Minnesota and so fun to see that they are made right hear in Lake Country. I have wanted to order some. This should be the opportune time to do that.

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